Attention golfers! Did you know that the golf driving range is like a spa day for your golf game? That’s right, just like how a relaxing spa day can rejuvenate your mind and body, a trip to the driving range can rejuvenate your golf skills and confidence! And with only 5 days left until Hillside’s Opening Day, it’s the perfect time to get your game in tip-top shape.

And speaking of the number 5, did you hear about the time when Phil Mickelson hit a shot off a hospitality tent on the 5th hole at the 2009 Masters? Despite the unexpected obstacle, Mickelson still managed to save par and went on to win the tournament. Talk about a hole-in-one for creativity and skill!

So don’t miss out on the fun at Hillside’s Opening Day! With only 5 days to go, the clock is ticking, and the golf balls are waiting!